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If you work AND pay taxes, National Socialized Health Care, or “Gubment Healf Carr” will cost you SIX times as much as it does now, or your benefits will be reduced – to be “spread around” to all those who pay NO taxes.

The Progressive Socialists are claiming that 50 million Americans are uninsured.
First of all, since when do politicians NOT lie?
That should make us at least question that “50” million figure.
During the 2008 campaign we were told there were “30-40 million uninsured or underinsured”.
They quietly dropped the “underinsured” from this.
Is “under-insured” akin to “under-automobiled”?
If you have a better car than one of the Obamites, do you have to “fund” their new car?
Is “under-insured” akin to “under-homed”?
If you have a better home than one of the Obamites, do you have to “fund” their new home?
And, they have been steadily increasing the numbers!
It started at 20 million, then 30-35 million, then 30-40 million, then 40-45 million, then 40-50 million.
Now they just flat-out say, “there are 50 million UNINSURED” in this country.
Do you think politicians LIE to get what they want? To make their point?
Case in point, do you know they include Oprah, Trump, and Bill Gates in their list of “uninsured”?
Those people don’t BUY an insurance policy.
What good is $1,000,000 insurance coverage to a BILLIONAIRE?
Well, if they don’t BUY an insurance policy, they MUST be UNINSURED!
Also, would you doubt they count dead people in their list of “uninsured”.
They’re sending them stimulus checks, so they’re on their list somewhere!
Dead people do not have an insurance policy.
Q.E.D. (therefore) dead people are “uninsured”!
Arent these the same people that registered 400,000 illegal voters in 2008?
How many tens of thousands of “Mickey Mouses” do they have listed as “uninsured”.
But, for the sake of argument, just to shut them the hell up, let’s take their ultra- high number of 50 million.

First, National Socialized Health Care would cover 11 to 12 million ILLEGAL ALIENS!
Are you willing to pay for illegal aliens?
They claim that we are paying for the illegals health care anyway.
If illegals go to the emergency room and we get stuck paying the bill, that’s one thing.
But if they think we’re going to pay their monthly premiums, think again!
Patch them up in the emergency room, then DEPORT THEM!
Have they done a study to show how this cost would REDUCE over time if we secured our borders and started enforcing immigration laws to DEPORT these criminals (yes, illegal aliens have violated our laws as soon as they crawled under (or over) the border fence. This makes them CRIMINALS.).
Are you willing to reduce YOUR coverage so that illegals can have the same coverage as you?
Are you willing to pay 6 times as much for health insurance to cover illegals?
There is an easy way around this “cost” anyway.
We, the United States, GIVES money to just about every country in the world.
Most of these illegals are coming from Mexico, and Mexico gets a ton of money from the US – either directly or distributed to them from the UN (which we give money to!).
So, for each illegal that we get stuck paying their emergency room visit, we can, after deporting them, deduct that cost from the money we GIVE to their country.
We can even deduct the cost of deporting that illegal alien.
And if we do not give Mexico enough “aid” to deduct these costs from, then we will deduct the costs from what we owe them for the cars they are selling to us.
Remove the 11 to 12 million illegals from the “50 million” total, takes us to less than 40 million.

Over half of those 40 million are single people under the age of 35 with full-time jobs.
In other words, they CAN pay for their own insurance.
How about we spend a few million dollars educating these “young people” on being more responsible for themselves rather than sticking ME with another trillion dollar debt to pay for something they CAN pay for themselves?
Remove these 20 million single people from the 40 million takes us to less than 20 million.

Over half of those 20 million are married people making over $50,000 per year.
Though not wealthy, with proper budgeting these people CAN pay for their own insurance.
How about we spend a few million dollars educating these “married people” on being more responsible for themselves rather than sticking ME with another trillion dollar debt to pay for something they CAN pay for themselves?
These people will have to be taught that it is more adult, more responsible, to buy health care coverage rather than a set of mag wheels for their 2004 Honda Civic. They will have to cut down on their float trips this year and BUY THEIR OWN INSURANCE!
Remove these 10 million married people from the 20 million takes us to less than 10 million.

So in reality, there are less than 10 million people who do not have insurance, need insurance, but cannot afford insurance.
And since we fudged EVERYTHING on the high side, this “10 million” figure is on the high side too.
Ironically, there are so few of these people (relatively speaking) that the liberal elitists like Oprah, Soros, etc, could EASILY pay their insurance premiums for them.
Oprah would just have to “survive” on $500 million for the rest of her life.

And, it gest WORSE!
One of the arguments for Nationalizing health care is to remove the burden from the backs of corporate America (since when do liberal Democrats care about corporate America??).
If they were speaking to a union group, they would be telling them to go after these companies.
They would be telling them that the companies they work for are stealing from them and the CEOs are making millions off of their labor, and they should demand more pay and better benefits!
But to try to sell this garbage to us, the Progressive Socialists are trying to convince us that we need to “lift this burden” from the backs of the corporations.
To which I have to ask, “and put the burden on who??? Me?? The TAXPAYER??”.
For most of us, we pay half of our health care benefits and our employer pays the other half.
If Obama removes this “burden” from the corporations, the BURDEN falls squarely on OUR shoulders.
So you and I go from paying half to paying ALL of the health care.

And it gets WORSE!
For every dollar duh gubment spends it has to collect $3 in taxes to cover their beauracry and corruption.
So not only are you and I going to pay for the “health care” but we are going to fund the most beauracratic and corrupt organizaton since the Roman Senate to manage the whole thing.

And it gest WORSE!

I try to NOT file claims against my insurance company to keep my premiums down.
If my health care costs me “nothing”, then whats to stop me from going to the doctor EVERY DAY?
How do the Progressive Socialists plan to keep costs down if EVERYBODY can go to the “doctor” ANYTIME they want for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER??

The Progressive Socialists are saying that 85-90% of us can keep our health care providers.
If 90% of this “system” isn’t going to change, and we are going to spend $1 trillion on the other 10%, AND, go another $1 trillion more into debt for that 10%, then how the hell are we going to “reduce” our health care costs?
I see my costs staying the same (because I choose to stand with my current provider), but, now I get to pay $1 trillion for the Progressive Socialists, PLUS, another $1 trillion in more debt.
The net effect is this is going to cost me MORE.

If Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are any indicators, do you really want the government dictating your health care decisions?

So, for every 1 person in that “10 million” who needs insurance but cannot afford insurance, we will also have to buy insurance for:
One illegal alien.
Two single people, under 35, with full-time jobs.
One married person making over $50,000 a year.
Oprah, Trump, Gates, and the rest of the ultra-rich.
YOUR employer’s half of the bill.
Half the country’s population that doesnt pay ANY taxes.
THREE times as much as what duh gubment will actually pay out ($3 in taxes, $1 paid out).
And, you STILL have to pay for your own health care.
So tell me again how YOU are going to benefit from Progressive National Socialist (ProNAZI) Health Care?

The saddest thing about this whole phony crisis, is that there truly are a “few” million people in this country that do not have health care, need health care, and cannot afford health care.
WE, want to help these people.
But because of politics and LIES, they probably wont get any help.
WE don’t have a problem helping 5 million people.
But when the Progressive Socialists bloat this number to 50 million, and want to take over ALL of our health care just to line their pockets and control $1 trillion of our money, we say NO.
This is similar to when your local government says they want to raise sales taxes to help the fire and police departments.
But then we find out that all that money will go to “general revenues” to be spent ANY WAY the politicians want to spend it.
So we vote it down.
And, of course, the police and fire departments suffer because of this.
The taxes for Progressive National Socialists Health Care will also go to “general revenues” (just like your Social Security taxes do). And this money is spent, wasted, lost, and “misappropriated” anyway the corrupt politicians want to spend it.

The White House has even threatened members of their own Democratic party if they even talked to Republicans or Independents about this legislation.
Their orders are to put the bill together, pass it, and fund it – NO DISCUSSIONS!
The White House is telling us that we do not have time to debate this.
Obama says it is urgent that Congress give him over $600 billion IMMEDIATELY!
And, commit our nation to another $1 trillion in MORE DEBT.
Failure to act quickly would doom us all to “health care hell”.
Didn’t we hear that same lie for the $787 billion stimulus bill (that no one read)??
Obama HAD to have all that money, no questions asked, ….or else!
“PANIC PANIC PANIC! Don’t talk about, just pass it and give me the money”.
Obama promised unemployment would not go above 8% if he just had another $787 billion.
Well, he got his $787 billion, and we lost another 1.6 million jobs.
He had to have that money IMMEDIATELY, NO DEBATE.
And now, 5 months later, 95% of that money remains UNSPENT!
Just like a thief – take ALL the money now, spend it later, at your leisure.
Unemployment now stands at 9.4% with no end in sight.
And Obama’s barking dog, Joe Biden, says “we all guessed wrong”.
Not quite Joey. YOU guys guessed wrong.
100% of the Republicans and over 60% of Americans were RIGHT!
Obama promised that $787 billion was for “shovel-ready” projects.
Now we see the only thing being shoveled is our money into the pockets of Mr Obama’s supporters and shoveling his BS trying to cover up their lies and failures.

In Obama’s first “show” on Health Care, he had a young couple that was stuck with a huge medical bill, and the couple’s neighbors were having a fundraiser to collect pennies to help pay their bills. It was discovered that it took the Obama administration over a MONTH to find the right “poor” people that Obama could put center stage during his “dog & pony” show trying to scare us to get in line – or else.


Max Baucus is a Senator from Montana. Max represents more cows than people.
But, Max is in charge of this “gubment healf carr”.

Call Senator Max Baucus offices and let him know how you feel about this.

Tell Max:
NO to National Socialism Health Care
NO to his strong arm tactics to exclude Republicans and Independents.
YES to fix Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security FIRST.

Chrysler and GM both went bankrupt even after assurances from duh gubment that $100 billion of our tax dollars would prevent that from happening.
They lied.
Both companies are now bankrupt and we will never see that $100 billion again.
So much for “closing corporate loopholes”.

This is NOT about “Health Care”.
This is about POWER.
Middle class Americans make over $10 TRILLION a year. (“rich” Americans make less than $2 trillion).
We are the richest body of people in the world and EVERYONE wants to get into our pockets.
Whoever controls the money of middle-class America, controls America.
And to a greater extent, the rest of the world.
Obama is simply a thief – of a different color.

End the TYRANNY!
Call Senator Max Baucus offices and let him know how you feel about this.


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In your post above, you state:

Actually, Stitch, you are being very conservative in that estimate. How many in this country are under the age of 19 years? Very few of them pay any taxes! (Mostly the Hollywood “pretty people” actors and music stars.)

I don’t know many boys and girls who pay income taxes because of their part-time and summer jobs, and catch-as-you-can-catch jobs all year long (mowing lawns, newspaper delivery, babysitting, etc., etc.). Do you?

So, I would estimate that over 75% of non-illegal citizens living in the USA don’t pay any taxes!! (And about 95% of the illegal citizens don’t pay any income taxes, either!)

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